ePalembang About



EPalembang.com establishments began from the concern for a lack of website providing complete information about Palembang. The Government’s desire to make Palembang as an international city in 2013 should be supported with a fine website that able to promote Palembang to the international community.

B. Concept and Framework

ePalembang.com presents information deals with Palembang, as brief description, addresses, photographs and maps. To facilitate visitors’ exploration, the information are grouped in some categories; Business, Services, Shopping, Travel & Tourism, Cuisine, Community and Event.

In addition, as a form of apprehension for the progress of Palembang city, a blog service is also provided to facilitate SUMSEL’s youth to share ideas and thoughts in written form. Contributors are grouped in: Community leaders, Guest Writer, Professional, Community and Students.

C. Vision and Mission

EPalembang’s vision is to build a positive image of Palembang city in the eyes of national and international communities.

Epalembang’s mission is to become a social media which provides the most complete, interesting, honest and professional information about Palembang.

D. Goals and Targets

Epalembang’s goal is to promote all aspects of Palembang and Become a container of Palembang’s public communication in the online world.

EPalembang.com visitors Targets:

  • Online targets:
    • Users of social networking services such as facebook, Friendster, twitter and more.
    • Users of Search engine who look for data about Palembang.
    • The blogger, forums’ user, and members of mailing list community
  • Offline targets:
    • Palembang’s people who want to know the development of Palembang City.
    • Business Executors, companies and governments who want to promotetheir products and services.
    • Local and international tourists.