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Bank Sumsel Babel Palembang

PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Sumsel is legal state of Bank Sumsel – Babel (previously Bank Sumsel), the local bank which its majority share owned by South Sumatera government.

Bank Sumsel – Babel is one of develop local bank in Indonesia, appreciations from institutions proven. From audit result on year 2008 by Bank Indonesia placed Bank Sumsel – Babel as “healthy” bank.

Bank Sumsel -Babel products are : investment product called DEPATI, Tabungan PESIRAH, money transfer with Western Union, debit card, export-import transaction, ATM services such as cash debit, electric claim payment, etc.

Bank Sumsel central office located in Jl. Kapten A Rivai Palembang, also with 18 Branch Offices, 31 Assistant-Branch Offices, 23 Cash Offices spreads all over South Sumatra and Bangka-Belitung.

Beside running conventional banking, Bank Sumsel has Syari’ah unit which serve syariah services for example Tabungan Hajji.

Head Office
Jl. Kapten A. Rivai No.21 Palembang 30129
Telephone: (0711) 350494, 377736
Facsimile. (0711) 313641 – 360241 Telex 27411

Branch offices:

Jl. Kol. Atmo No. 40 Palembang
Telephone (0711) 311922, 311923, 351875
Facsimile (0711) 372248

Jl. Kapten A. Rivai No. 21 Palembang
Telephone (0711) 350494, 351867
Facsimile (0711) 360241

Jl. Letkol Iskandar No. 537 Palembang
Telephone (0711) 3777772, 377744,
351537, 351683
Facsimile (0711) 350239

Web Site : http://www.banksumsel.com

Syariah Office
Syariah Office
Bank of Sumsel Office
Bank of Sumsel Office