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Sriwijaya TV is one of local television on South Sumatera which promote art and culture creativity of South Sumatera’s people. Television is choosen with assumption creating more people perceptions.

Nowadays, Sriwijaya TV have produced 28 television programs. Sriwijaya Televisi aired its first broadcast on June 15, 2006 and now Sriwijaya TV broadcast 14 hours from 10:00 to 24:00 WIB on Channel 48 UHF.

Sriwijaya TV’s vision is to become the best local television for information and culture program about South Sumatra. Composition of its TV program : South Sumatra local 70%, Indonesia local 20% and Foreign 10%, with classification : 46% news and events, 20% educations and cultures, 15% entertaiments, 10% religion and sport and 9% advertorial.


Office : Jl. Sang Merah Putih No. 958 A Blok K Kampus Palembang 30137
Phone : (0711) 364666 / 0711 – 364244
Fax : 0711 – 313387

Website : http://sriwijayatv.com

Sriwijaya TV Office
Sriwijaya TV Office