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ELNUSnet is IT & Network division of PT. Elektrindo Data Nusantara which providing internet service and data communication through TCP/IP. PT. Elektrindo Data Nusantara was established on 2004 at Palembang, South Sumatera.

As legal ISP and member of Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association (APJII, Indonesian-red) ElnusNet provide legal internet access to their client so that they can run their business legal and secure. The licenses are license of management ISP No. 446/PT.003/Tel/DJPT-2005, license of operation No. 1723/PT.003/DITTEL/SRT/2005 and APJII’s registration number 177/APJII/K-2005.

ElnusNet infrastructures are at Graha Bunda 5th floor with fiber optic (FO) connection to Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX) dan global Internet backbone using Internasional USA (UUnet, AT&T, Sprintlink), Eropa (France Telecom, DTAG), dan Asia (Singtel, BTN Access). Client’s access last mile using high quality wireless devices for quality and data reliability.

Available hotspots for Palembang public provided by ElnusNet:
1. International Airport Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Palembang
2. J.CO Donuts PIM
3. Excelso Café PIM
4. Pempek Pak Raden
5. All floors Palembang Indah Mall (PIM)

Head Office Address :
Jl. Jend. Sudirman (Simpang Polda)
Graha Bunda Building 5th Floor
Palembang, Sumatera Selatan 30137
Phone : 0711-421388
Fax : 0711-421623
Email : internet@elnus.net.id

Website : http://elnus.net.id

ElnusNet Office
ElnusNet Office