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Telkomspeedy is an end to end internet access services from PT Telkom based on Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology which can transmit data and voice simultanly through single fix-phone line with 384 kbps maximum speed guaranted from modem to BRAS (Broadband Remote Access Server) in Telkoms infrastructure side.

Telkomspeedy was launched with national coverage gradually from first May, 2006. The first its area services cover Sumatera island (Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Batam, Palembang, dan Lampung ) and Java island (Bandung, Cirebon, Semarang, Yogyakarta, dan Solo).

Telkomspeedy always improve and develop their services coverage to other region for fulfilling broadbrand access need which increase rapidly. Paralel with it, Telkomspeedy also developing various broadbrand content, for example : Game Broadband Online, Video Streaming, Audio download, Web conferences, Home surveillances and much more.

Palembang Customer Care Office
Jl. Kapten A. Rifai No. 20 Palembang
Jl. Sudirman No. 459 Palembang
Jl. Merdeka No. 5 Palembang

Website : http://telkomspeedy.com

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Arivai Office
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Sudirman Office