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Palembang Blogger Community WongKito.net

WongKito is Palembang’s blogger community which formed to thighten relationship among the bloggers who live in Palembang and those outside but had special relationship to Palembang.

WongKito wishes to become Palembang’s information media, for examples its culinary, tourism, cultures and others which become people’s interest especially from outside Palembang and Indonesia. Its aim also to improve Palembang’s human resources with their social activities such as WongKito Goes to School, Blogger Care, etc.

Requirements for WongKito’s member are :

* Born in Palembang or its decendant
* Live in Palembang
* Ever live in Palembang for some significant time
* Have strong emotion with Palembang

Address :
Jalan Anggrek No. 6 RT 01/01 Talang Ratu Ujung,
Contact: humas@wongkito.net

Website : http://wongkito.net
Milis : http://groups.google.com/group/wong-kito

WongKito Blogger Community
WongKito Blogger Community