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    FOKKU Palembang

    Forum Keluarga Komering Ulu (FOKKU, Komering Ulu Families Forum) is Komering Ulu’s people organization which globally participate on National Development and locally Komering Ulu and South Sumatera development.

    As the biggest tribe on South Sumatera, this organization very active with their internal and external programs and events, for examples low-prices bazaar, fund-rising bazaar, and other social activities. Many important person of South Sumatera involve on this organization.

    Address :
    Sekretariat Forum Keluarga Komering Ulu
    Jl. Walet Kompleks Atlet Jakabaring No 26 Blok A
    Palembang Sumatera Selatan

    Website : http://www.fokku.com