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Pempek Pak Raden

Pempek Pak Raden is a Pempek shop that is not only famous in Palembang but also in many big cities in Indonesia, even abroad. Established in 1984, this shop has developed until having 33 chain spreading in Bandung, Jakarta, Jambi, Pekanbaru, Lampung, Bekasi, and Depok.

Pempek Pak Raden is a family business. Initially opened by Hj. Nurhasanah and later her family and relatives running the management of this business. At the beginning, it was only a simple in-house Pempek seller. Hj. Nurhasanah was inspired by her cooking hobby especially making food for her family. She decided to try selling Pempek in front of her own house. This simple and small ideas grows big until what we see today.

Address :
Jl. Radial No. 80A Palembang

Pempek Pak Raden
Pempek Pak Raden