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Waroeng Legenda

Waroeng Legenda is a pioneer of float restaurant of Palembang’s food which is managed professionally. Built by using a raft and it is located opposite the Kuto Besak Fortress.

We can reach this place by using Perahu Ketek (small boat). Waroeng Legenda is one of culinary tourism spots in Palembang where you can see the sight of Kuto Besak Fortress and Ampera Bridge which is so magnificent especially at night.

Menus available in waroeng Legenda are Traditional Palembang cuisine, like Pindang Ikan, Brengkes, Tempoyak, Pempek, Model, Tekwan, and snacks. This restaurant that operates from 31st of Desember 2005 can have 50-150 customers on daily basis. While enjoying the servings, you will be entertained by traditional music of Palembang , known as ” Musik Batang Hari Sembilan”.

In front of BKB Palembang
Phone (62711) 107569

Waroeng Legenda
Waroeng Legenda