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Brasserie, the biggest bakery shop chain in Palembang, can be found in three places: Palembang Indah Mall (PIM), Palembang Trade Center Mall (PTC), and Hotel Anugerah Estate.

Brasserie is a pleasant spot for hang out. You can enjoy confortable atmosphere of a cozy café while munching a variety of breads from white bread, brownies, until their sweet breads. Corn Bread and Abon bread are tasty menus to enjoy.

From the three chain existed, the atmosphere of Brasserie in Hotel Anugerah is the most favorable one for Palembang people. The visitor can enjoy eating there without any Mall’s crowd like two other chain. At Hotel Anugerah Estate, Brasserie took 2-floor location. The café is in the 2nd floor while the 1st floor is used for bakery.

Address :
Braserie PTC Mall
Jl.R Sukamto 8-A PTC
Phone. (62711) 382230

Braserie PIM
Palembang Indah Mall Ground Floor

Brasserie Anugerah
Jl. Sudirman 149 Palembang