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PalembangCity Distro

Palembangcity Clothing with young, fresh, and relax themes, gives some pride to their products, Palembang’s Art t-shirt. With their products, Palembangcity trying to rebuild awareness of Palembang’s jokes or poems, its culture, lifestyles and achievements of Palembangnese, like Sriwijaya FC euforia on winning Indonesia Leagues. Also Palembangcity trying to insert its moral messages in every their product design.

If you come to Palembang and want to have one of its souvenirs like Palembang’s shirts, its the right choice to visit this distro which managed by this young-creative peoples.

Jalan Bangau No. 2 Kelurahan 9 Ilir Palembang
Phone : (62711) 319640
Flexi : (62711) 7304774 – 7304884 – 7304994
Mobile : 062811 293 453

Website : http://www.palembangcity.com

PalembangCity Distro
PalembangCity Distro