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Celia Carpet

CELIA carpet provides the best quality of handmade natural carpet. CELIA carpet has vast variety choice of design and texture which is very special that can not be found anywhere like this.

Developed by traditional weavers that have special skill in weaving carpet since 1986, CELIA carpet becomes a pioneer in natural carpeting with export quality.

Material selection is one of the main consideration in production process CELIA carpet. CELIA carpet only uses the best suitable natural material for making carpetst such as wood, cotton, pandan and ketuk fiber.

CELIA product collection also include other interior products like placemat, trivet, coaster, doormat, wallpaper, ceiling, stairway covering, room divider and other application that will continuously developed to fulfill customer needs.

CELIA Carpet & Interior is eager to work closely with architect and interior designer to accomplish the needs for natural, unique and elegant flooring.

Address :
Jl. Rajawali No 858 G
Palembang 30113, Indonesia
Telp : 0711-379079, 379066
Fax : 0711-378996

Website : http://celia.co.id

Celia Carpet
Celia Carpet